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I just have a question.Would you viewers like to see some cool art from kids at my school? I’ll put a picture of their art and then a little bit about why they made it. If you like the idea, have suggestions, or questions, comment on this post. I’ll look into having a little art show here on Andrew’s Answers. Check back in a couple of weeks. 🙂


My New Favorite Thing

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If you talked to someone they would most likely tell you that they would not be reading during summer. (Some people you don’t have to ask.) But I have. If you talked to me about this two years ago trying to get me to read this, the first thing you’d hear was no, no, no, no, NO! But some people told me I should start reading these books, so I tried them and I’m only on the 2nd one. When you’re 5 and all you watch is Spongebob and Rugratz and you’re dad is in love with these books then guess what you’ll be watching: those movies and for some people they can be scary a little bit. I mean how many people like giant spiders crawling out of boxes or some bus driver who has a zombie head hanging from the ceiling?

I’ll give you a hint there are 7 books and 8 movies. Guessed what it is yet? My new favorite thing to talk about with my cousin,………….. HARRY POTTER! They are the greatest books ever. I have only watched one whole movie and I’m not even half way through the second book but still. My cousin has all the books so she’s letting me read them. I’m reading the book and then watching the movie because if you read all the books and then watch all the movies your memories of certain scenes tend to jumble all together.


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In three days I start Middle School. I’m not the happiest person in the world about that. For one, it’s a huge new school with tons of different classrooms. Not to mention three other schools are joining ours there. Aside from that there is also stuff to look forward to. For instance my cousin who just moved to a different school in our district is going on up too. So hopefully I’ll get a couple classes with her. Plus I’m in band so I have that to look forward to.

Has anyone ever noticed school takes up more time than the time you have at home? School is about 6 to 61/2 ours long and when you’re at home you only have like 5 hours until you go to bed. Anyway the only bad things I see with school is that you are there too long and it starts too early. But that’s all.

In school you have tons of things to look forward to. Track, basketball, baseball, cross country, band and other stuff too. Atleast we have lockers for all that stuff, but ours are only about 5 inches wide.


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I just wanted to let you all know I probably won’t have another post for about three weeks becasue my life is going to be a mad rush until July. If  you are actually a fan of my blog then I am sorry, but I’m going on vacation tomorrow.

D.A.R.E. Essay

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D.A.R.E stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. In D.A.R.E we learned about different types of drugs, how they affect us, and why we should avoid them. We also learned  about peer pressure, friends, and different ways to avoid using drugs.

There are nine different ways to say no to people who try to get you to use drugs. 1. is by completely avoiding the situation. Where you know where people use drugs and you stay away from that place. 2. is by bringing others with you if you know you going to be somewhere that people use drugs. 3. is by walking away and say no at the same time. 4. is by just ignoring the person. 5. is by saying no. 6. is by giving a fact about using drugs or giving a reason why you don’t want to. 7. is by changing the subject. 8. is by repeated refusal. 9. is by using humor.

One of the drugs Deputy Thomas taught us about was Tobacco. He told us that smokers have more colds and upper respiratory problems. He told us that 400,000 people die each year from tobacco or tobacco-related situations. Deputy Thomas also told us about all the different diseases you can get from tobacco. He brought in different stuff to show different things about the drugs we talked about. He brought in DUI goggles, Smoking Suzie, Mr. Dip-lip, the Jar Of Tar, the Black Lung, and a box that had different drugs and advertisements.

D.A.R.E. is important because it teaches you about the different drugs. Without D.A.R.E. kids could be smoking when they’re nine, dying from drunk driving, or stuck with lung cancer for the rest of they’re life, all because someone offered them a cigarette and they didn’t know about it so they became addicted.

I have had a lot of situations that drugs were involved in. But I don’t really want to talk about them. Lets just say people in my family smoke and drink. Now I know about drugs and have proof that they aren’t good.

Thanks to D.A.R.E. I now know a lot about drugs. I, Andrew McJunkin pledge to stay away from drugs and I promise to teach people about drugs. No matter how much people pressure me and tempt me, I will always refuse.  I will not let drugs hurt me or my friends all because someone tempted us. I pledge to stay drug-free forever!









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Camp Oty’Okwa

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Between freezing our feet off and falling face first into the mud, our group changed from not knowing anyone to being best friends, and we had a very good time. I had Ridge, Cade, Lisa, Blaize, Vanessa, Alison, Caleb, Tyler H., and Cassie in my group. I thought it was going to be a bad week because only four of my friends were in my trail group. I could tell the people in my group including me, did not like our group that much.  I kind of wish I could have chosen my group. Only because there was 1 person that I used to have a hard time getting along with.

We had our first class and it was “Food Chain and Orienteering”. We started out having a little bit of fun. Then Alicia split us into smaller groups and we had to work together to find cards and answer questions. That was the first time people started to lighten up about the group. We were only at camp for about 2 hours and we were already starting to change.  We had dinner after that. Earlier that day, when we first arrived, we had lunch. I only talked to Cade, Lisa, Cassie and Alison. But because Alicia had put split us up into three and four person groups we opened up and started talking to people we never talk to. I have never talked to Blaize in my life. (Not that I didn’t like her, I just never got a chance.) But before lunch was even over we were in the middle of a full conversation. We also played a game called clusters where we had to get in groups of stuff like favorite animal, favorite dinner food and stuff like that. I now think of that as a way our group changed, because we found stuff that we had in common and started to become friends.

Tuesday we had stream study. It wasn’t the best class, but during that class our group changed a lot. We had to hike down a stream to get to a waterfall. The stream was really muddy and the stream was running fast so the water pushed the mud out from under our feet causing us to fall. We had to help each other up just to keep balance. Even if it was someone we strongly disliked. That caused our group to change because we were forced to either help each other or get freezing cold from falling into the water.

Our second class was the rock wall and initiatives. We changed the most during these two classes.  On the rock wall we had to work together to keep the person climbing from falling. If you were the person climbing you had to trust that the people on the belay team wouldn’t drop you. That  changed our group because if there were people on the belay team arguing, they wouldn’t be paying any attention and when it would be time for you to come back down they’d be mad, run forward and drop you.

Then on initiatives Alicia played a game with us called Tank Commander. You got a partner and one of the people got blindfolded. The other person had to lead the blindfolded person to a tied-up bandanna. They had to tell the blindfolded person how far to turn and then tell them when to throw and when to move. This helped our group because we had to work together to win the game. If there was someone that you were partners with that didn’t like you they’d probably tell you to throw the bandanna in the wrong direction and lead you into enemy fire. (Most likely being your partner’s best friend.)

It had only been 1 and 1/2 days and the people in my group were already starting to become friends. (Not best friends exactly, but good friends.) Later on, we had a bonfire. Willow told us a story. Then he made a fire the same way that the girl in the story did. Then we did our skits that we practiced on Monday. That changed our group because we had fun together, watching the other groups’ skits. This changed our group because if there was someone that you didn’t like, sitting right beside you, it would be hard to enjoy the skits.

On Wednesday we had breakfast. That was the only time in my life that I have seen a group of people have so much fun, without at least one person in a bad mood. Even though we were exhausted, we still had a lot of fun together.We were telling jokes, stories and tons of really funny stuff.

Our last class of camp was Geology. That was the best class we had at camp. Everyone was enjoying their selves and having fun looking at the turtle and the fishes.By the time we were leaving everyone was singing songs and talking about all the stuff the did and how much fun they had. These are the ways that our group changed.

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The Fun And Only!

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In summer you may here a commercial saying “The fun and only”. If so then probably you’re watching a commercial for my favorite place: Kings Island! Kings Island is an amusement park in Mason, Ohio. (Mason is about 20 miles from Cincinnati.) Its is owned by Cedar Fair. Kings Island owns over 350 acres of land. It has over 80 rides. Some recommendations are: thrilling; Vortex, Beast, FireHawk, Invertigo, Flight of Fear, Diamondback, Sling Shot, X-Treme Skyfler, Crypt, and Drop Zone. Mild Thrill; Delirium, Backlot Stunt Coaster, Racer, White Water Canyon, Congo Falls and Flight Deck.  Family; Flying Ace Ariel Chace, Woodstock Express, Surf Dog, Race For Your Life Charlie Brown, and Boo Blasters On Boo Hill. These are organized the way I thought they felt when I rode them. You will probably think of them different though.

If you are starting on looping rides then you should try Vortex. If your into large wooden coasters, then try Beast. If you like water rides, White Water Canyon is a good one. They are all good rides.

Summer Vacation

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It is the last week of April and then we only have 17 days until Summer Vacation. I already know I am going to have fun. We are going to go to Washington (state), Great Wolf Lodge (in Washington), Kings Island, and North Carolina! It will be my first time going to Great Wolf Lodge. When I go to Kings Island I know for sure that I’m going to ride the Diamondback. I am a little bit nervous to ride The Vortex even though I have ridden it 4 times already!

I can’t wait to go to Washington either because I get to see my nephew. I haven’t seen him for about a year or maybe two. I have been out there before, but I think this time is going to be better. For one thing we are staying for two weeks. We will be staying at Great Wolf Lodge for a weekend. Hopefully we will get to go to the Rain forest Cafe. Maybe even the zoo, or the aquarium.

When we go to North Carolina we will get to see my brother come home from Afghanistan. I think my brother and his wife might be repeating their vows. If they do they’ll probably repeat them on the beach like my brother’s wife wanted to the first time. But I don’t know because they don’t tell me very much about what they are going to do.

This is a little of what my summer is going to be like. I hope you have fun on your summer vacation too.

Are You A Soul Surfer???

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Last weekend we went and saw the movie “Soul Surfer”. To me that was the best movie EVER!!! It is about Bethany Hamilton. Bethany Hamilton was a young surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack. She had to learn to surf again with only one arm. The graphics were amazing and it was a very emotional movie. Everyone should see it. All I am going to say is you have to see it. It also has Carrie Underwood and the girl from “Bridge to Tarabithia”

My Test Taking Strategies

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Although a lot of people are nervous about the test, I’m not really very nervous. I’m not nervous because I know how, what, and when to use test taking strategies. (Believe me I remember them. The teachers have really been stressing them to us.)

1. I always reread all the questions more than once even if I understand them the first time just to make sure.

2. I make sure to either underline or highlight the really important stuff in a question.

3. If there is a graph, I always make sure to read all parts of it, because sometimes there can be a clue in a part of the graph.

4. I always try to read the questions first so that I know what to look for and underline.

5. I always *check over my answers*. (That is pretty much the most important.)

These are my test taking strategies and if I use them hopefully I’ll get a good score on my O.A.A.

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